The Cedar Shake Roofing Repair Guide

One of the most common problems with cedar shake roofing is that it can leak, which leads to rot and serious damage to roofing materials. Therefore, you want to be able to identify problems with leaks quickly before they cause too much damage. The following cedar shake roofing repair guide will help you identify problems to have them repaired quickly.

Start By Cleaning the Roof and Looking for Worn or Out of Place Shakes

The cedar shakes need to be clean before you can begin doing any repairs to your roof. Therefore, you will want to clean off any tree debris and lightly hose and sweep the roof. When the roof is clean, look for shakes that have deformities, such as twisting and curling. Replace these shakes to prevent or stop leaks that can cause serious damage to your home.

Problems With Shakes Working Loose or Being Missing and Needing to Be Replaced

Sometimes, storms and high winds can also cause damage to a shake roof. This can cause shakes to work loose and need to be put back in their place. There may also be some shakes that are missing that have fallen off or blown away during high winds. These shakes need to be replaced to prevent serious damage to the roof of your home.

Split or Damaged Shakes That May Be Causing Leaks and Serious Damage to Your Home

There are also split or damaged shakes that can be a serious problem. This is why it is important to clean the surface of the shakes before you start looking for damage and leaks that can be hidden beneath debris and dirt. If you notice shakes that have cracks or that look like they have split into two pieces, replace them to prevent leaks and damage to your home.

Finding the Cause of Moisture and Water Problems

One of the biggest problems with shakes is moisture problems, which are caused by moisture getting trapped beneath the shakes. This can be due to moisture barriers coming loose, water traps, or damaged shakes that have not been replaced. If you cannot find the source of the moisture problems and rotten shakes, contact a roof repair service for help finding the problem.

These are some of the things that you can do to identify and repair problems with cedar shake roofing before they cause serious damage to your home. If you are having problems with leaks and damage to cedar shakes, contact a roofing repair service for help fixing the problem before it causes serious damage.