The How-To Guide to Makeover Your Driveway with a Layover and Colorful Coating

When the driveway for your home is beginning to look worn and crumbling, it is time for the right improvements. This can be repairing the damage, as well as a makeover for the finished surface. Today, there is a lot that can be done with a few repairs and new colorful seal coating.

Before starting your driveway makeover project, you should understand the process. This should start with the right repairs and improvements. You will need to address the erosion and drainage problems before you can complete repairs and add the new coat of sealer. The following how-to guide will walk you through your driveway makeover project:

1. Start with the Right Pavement Repairs

The first thing that needs to be done is repairs to the pavement. You will need to repair problems with erosion and soil that has been eroded away and seal cracks. If there are several cracks and holes, patch the worst damage with new concrete. In addition, whenever you patch a hole, you will want to replace any missing or compacted gravel materials to give your repairs a solid foundation.

2. Continue with Improvements that Prevent Pavement Damage

The pavement of your driveway can be damaged by things like erosion, poor drainage, and weathering. The seal coating will help protect against the weather damage, and adding drainage systems will help prevent problems with erosion.

3. Prepare the Surface of Pavement with a Thin Layover

The surface of the concrete can be improved with a thin layer of concrete. This is a layover finish that will help hide repairs and make the surface look like new again. The finish is a thin mixture of mortar and fine aggregate materials that help mask the repairs and make the surface look like new again. The surface can look like a conventional troweled-finish, or it can be other custom designs like natural stone.

4. Choose the Color of Seal Coating to Complete the Finish

Lastly, you are going to want to choose a color of seal coating that will help you to complete the finish. These colors are often reds and darker natural tones, which will help give your driveway an attractive finish. The colorful seal coatings will also blend in well with the landscaping design around your home.

These are the steps that you are going to need to go through to makeover your driveway. When you are ready to complete this project, contact a concrete driveway sealing service to begin these renovations.