5 Types Of Work Zone Equipment You May See In A Work Area

If contractors need to handle road repairs, they will use work zone equipment before they get started. The equipment keeps everyone a lot safer when there is work that has to get done, especially during the busiest times, such as rush hour traffic. You may spot several types of equipment in the area at times when contractors have important work to do.

Vehicle Speed Monitor Sign

The vehicle speed monitor sign is often displayed directly before a work zone to help drivers monitor their speeds before entering the work zone area. As a driver, you might know that speeds are drastically reduced when contractors are working on the road. Anyone who goes over the designated speed limit can get pulled over by a state trooper for failure to follow the rules. When drivers notice that their speeds are much higher than they should be, it gives them a few seconds to decrease their speed before entering the work area to protect the contractors and all the other drivers trying to share the road.

Traffic Detection Device

A traffic detection device is a useful piece of equipment that lets contractors know how busy the roadway is when they are working on it. These technologically advanced devices provide real-time information on traffic flow and the speed at which different vehicles are traveling. They offer details on each lane of traffic on a specific roadway, making the contractors aware of how many cars are in the area at particular times of the day. Certain times of the day may be much busier than others, allowing contractors to take additional measures to protect themselves while completing road work.

Safety Zone Barriers

To enhance protection for contractors, safety zone barriers will typically get installed around the work area. If a car were to end up in the wrong lane while the contractors are working, it would hit the safety zone barrier before ever coming in contact with one of the contractors. These barriers are often bright orange so that they are easy for drivers to see, even if they have not yet reached the intersection where the road work is happening. It is a common practice for contractors to fill these barriers with water to make them heavier to keep them in the proper spots.

Adjustable Solar Arrow Boards

The adjustable solar arrow boards extend several feet into the air to ensure that drivers of all vehicles, including sedans, vans, and trucks, can see the arrows in front of them. These adjustable boards let drivers know which lanes they need to switch to when they are ready to enter a work zone. For example, if contractors are working on the right side of the road, the board may have a bright arrow showing drivers to move over to the left lane as a precautionary measure. Drivers need to slow down, check their mirrors, and carefully switch over to the lane when it is clear for them to do so.

Expandable Barricades

Expandable barricades are fully adjustable and come in bright colors, such as yellow and orange. These portable devices are easy to transport and can quickly get set up outside on the road. They are a lot like safety zone barriers because they block off certain spots to protect the contractors while they work. Drivers will know that they need to go around the barricades to get to their destinations instead of driving through them.

When you drive into a work area on the road, you may run into different equipment that contractors install to protect themselves and all motorists. The equipment helps improve traffic flow while providing a protective barrier for the contractors at work.