Custom Hardscaping Design Ideas With River Rock For Personalized Outdoor Spaces

There are different designs you can add to your outdoor spaces with hardscaping. When installing hardscaping, you want to choose attractive finishes. River rock is an excellent choice for materials that blend in with the natural surroundings. The following custom hardscaping design ideas will enhance outdoor spaces with river rock finishes.

Attractive Pavements With River Rock

There are a lot of different pavements that can be part of your home's hardscaping. These pavements are usually grey concrete. The areas where you may want to add river rock to pavements include:

  • Driveway areas and entrances to your home
  • Garden paths to get around outdoor spaces
  • Patios and gathering spaces for your outdoor living spaces

There are also options to bring out the colors of river rock in the pavement. You can use stains and sealants that help enhance the appearance of these surfaces. Acid stains can be used to bring out the colors in the river rock that has been added to concrete pavements.

Waterless Landscaping With River Rock

With changes in weather and areas with lower annual rainfalls, grass lawns are not always practical. You can replace the lawn in your landscaping with river rock. Some designs that you can try with river rock groundcover include:

  • Contrasting colors of stone for unique patterns
  • Artistic patterns and shapes for decorative river rock ground cover
  • Different sizes of stones for separating areas in the landscaping design

The river rock will only require a minimal amount of maintenance. You will occasionally need to clean it and fill areas that wear or wash away. You can add edging to these areas to prevent the materials from washing away during heavy rains.

Attractive Finishes With Decorative River Rock

There are other finishes that you may want to have done with river rock. These can be finishes for retaining walls and masonry of landscaping structures. Some of the decorative designs you may want to use for finishes include:

  • River rock mixed with concrete mortars for retaining walls
  • Using river rock to create artistic veneers for vertical surfaces
  • Larger river rock for attractive masonry features with stone finishes

The decorative features can also be enhanced using different sizes of stones. The river rock can also be used to create decorative designs for water features or pool areas.

These custom river rock designs will help complete the hardscaping around your home. Contact a river rock supplier to get the materials you need to complete your project.