Ideas To Consider When Renovating Your Airstream For Tiny Home Living:

An Airstream can be a wonderful option for tiny home living. You can use it to travel the country or to put down stakes in a camper/mobile home community for a long-term stay. Renovating your Airstream is essential for adding all the features you need to make tiny living comfortable and fun. Here are some ideas to discuss with your Airstream renovation company to make the absolute most of this small space.

Install A Wet Bath

A wet bath is essentially a bathroom/shower combo. When you close the door and turn on the shower head, the entire room becomes your shower. This provides a large space to use and eliminates the need for separate spaces in the bathroom. A floor drain draws water away as you shower, and a carefully placed canopy can protect toilet paper from water and moisture. Work with your renovation company to install a shower seat in one corner for comfort and a handheld shower head for added convenience. Remember that this shower head can also be used to spray down the entire bathroom for a quick clean. You may want to install wall shelving near the ceiling to house makeup, soaps, and other essentials to keep them away from the water.

In-Floor Storage

As you plan out your renovation project, you'll want to keep storage space in mind. Tiny home living means living simply, but you'll still want space for your clothing, shoes, and other personal belongings. A shallow storage space built into the floor of the main living area can be a great place to store spare linens, pillows, and other essentials so they remain out of sight. Another in-floor storage space near the bed offers room for seasonal clothing or books and mementos. If in-floor storage isn't enough for your items, you can also consider having a new built-in sofa created for your Airstream with under-seat storage space.

Slide-Out Microwave

Kitchen space is limited in an Airstream, but you can still fit all your essential appliances with a bit of creativity. A slide-out microwave in the pantry cabinet/closet can be a great option to consider. Your renovation team will have to make sure that the cabinet/closet is reinforced to hold a heavier item to make this idea work. A slide-out tray provides easy access whenever you need to heat up a frozen dinner or some leftovers, freeing up space on your counter for other essentials. Remember that this option does reduce the storage space you'll have, but you can work with your renovation team to come up with other space-saving kitchen storage ideas to make up for it.

Once your Airstream is completely renovated, there are other things you can do to give the space functional finishing touches. Magnetic containers on the ridge provide the perfect way to store everything from spices to utensils, and baskets with suction cups can perform the same function in the bathroom for loofahs, hair brushes, and other essientials. With a touch of creativity, you can make tiny living in your Airstream feel like a big success.