Drain Field Assessments And Repair Processes

A septic system is made up of two main components: the septic tank and the drain field. There are several signs that a homeowner should be aware of that may necessitate that a drain field needs to be repaired.

The Onset Of A Problem

The drain field is the property that supports the tank. It consists of soil and is often covered by grass or plants with shallow root systems. The drain field will essentially resemble a normal piece of property. It is the homeowner's responsibility to know where their drain field is located.

Being knowledgeable about the location of a drain field will prevent a property owner from placing heavy items on the land, which could damage the tank or the drain lines that are connected to it. An issue with a septic system usually becomes evident when there are slow drainage problems within a residence. A toilet may slowly drain and make a gurgling noise or a bathtub or sink may drain unusually slowly.

The Contractor's Role

A plumbing contractor is typically the person who will be hired to assess and repair a drain field. A drain field upgrade may require an excavation process. The drain lines that are attached to a tank could be clogged. This will necessitate that soil is removed from the ground. Cleaning out the drain lines and replacing ones that are damaged are relatively 'cut and dry' processes. This type of work can be conducted swiftly and may not cost a homeowner an extensive amount of money. 

A more serious repair process could include needing to replace the tank and all of the extension pieces. If the soil within the drain field is compromised, it may need to be treated by a specialist. A soil issue usually involves an inadequate amount of microbes within the soil. The microbes help cleanse the water that drains from the septic tank. If the soil content isn't sufficient, a property owner may smell a foul odor on their property.

A contractor will likely perform a soil test when they first assess a property owner's drain field. They will also perform other tests that will be indicative of whether septic drain lines are clogged or damaged. A contractor will provide an estimate and a contract, prior to repairing a drain field. If a tank needs to be replaced and a major excavation process will need to be conducted, a property owner may need to obtain a permit.

To learn more, contact a professional septic tank drain field repair service in your area.