Temporary Fences Do More Than Set Boundaries

If you have a fence that is in need of repair and that is no longer good for whatever purpose you erected it for, you need to get a temporary fence while the permanent fence is being fixed. Temporary fences come in many styles, from the chain link panels you see at construction sites to much more stylish versions used as temporary partitions in fashion and decor magazines. When you have a fencing company take a look at your permanent fence to see what needs to be done for the repairs, their reps can discuss temporary fencing with you, too.

Runoff and Erosion Protection

If the fence that needs repair also served as a barrier to erosion, you won't lose that capability if you install a temporary silt fence. These can be easily anchored in the ground with stakes and stop soil from running off with rainwater. They're configured much like your permanent fence (if the permanent one was also a silt fence) but are a little more flexible and easier to remove. If your permanent fence was not a silt fence but was still solid enough to stop most soil from washing away with rain, be aware that a temporary silt fence is typically lower to the ground.

Privacy (Yes, Even When Temporary)

If the fence that is being repaired was a privacy fence, you are not doomed to weeks of no privacy with a mesh temporary fence. You can get temporary privacy screens that, while not completely solid, do obscure views in and out of the property. These fences are available in a couple of main styles. One has the fence panels all going right to the ground, and the other has the panels up on "feet" of about an inch or so. That second one would allow someone to peek underneath the fence, so it's a better choice for situations where you're not trying to block a specific nosy neighbor or solicitor who's determined to sell you something. If you really need as much privacy as possible, you want fencing that goes all the way to the ground. Use the panels with a space under them for times when you just want the main view of your home or yard blocked.

Wind and Sun Protection

Fencing that protected you from wind or that blocks the afternoon sun from hitting your patio doors is something that needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Temporary fencing is the best interim solution, and even though the fencing is temporary, when it is made for use as a windscreen or sun shade, the materials are tough and able to withstand what the weather throws at them. Temporary fencing for windscreen purposes can be anchored to the ground; if the fencing sits on a lawn or dirt patch, it can actually be anchored in the ground, too. Fencing made for sun-blocking purposes does not have to be anchored but should be, just in case strong winds occur. Anchoring the fencing also stops people from moving it around (think: housemate who wants more sun even though you don't).

You'll have a rental contract for the temporary fencing while you have your permanent fence repaired. If you can get the rental through the same company that is doing the repairs, that makes installation and removal of the temporary fencing much easier.

Contact a professional for more information about temporary fencing