Choices To Make When You Want A Striped Accent Wall

Painted accent walls can go a long way toward improving the look of any room in your home. Many homeowners love having an accent wall in their primary bedroom, dining room, or even their living room. If you're thinking about some different paint ideas that might work well on one wall, a striped design is one option to consider. Painting stripes on a wall isn't something that you'd likely want to take on yourself. Hiring an experienced painting contractor will ensure that the stripes are perfectly straight, with crisp and clean edges. Here are some choices to make when you want a striped accent wall.


When you picture a striped accent wall in one of your home's rooms, consider what direction you instinctively think of the stripes being. The stripes can run in multiple directions, but the look that you first picture will often be the idea that suits you best. Some homeowners will favor horizontal stripes, while others will favor vertical stripes. Vertical stripes, for example, might make a room feel taller — which could be ideal in a space such as your basement. Don't overlook the value of diagonal stripes, which can add a modern and funky vibe to certain rooms.


You'll need to give some careful thought to how wide you want each of the stripes to be. There's no universally "right" way to proceed, but you want to be happy with the end result. Some people might like a large number of thin stripes, while others might favor fewer, thicker stripes. The size of the room can often influence what width of stripes looks best. For example, you can get away with thicker stripes in a larger room, whereas thinner stripes might be better in a smaller room because you'll be able to fit more of them on the wall.

Number Of Colors

The colors that you choose for your striped accent wall will play a major role in not only how the wall looks, but how it affects the overall appearance of the room. If you favor a two-color design then a neutral color such as white or off-white, paired with a bright hue, is a popular way to proceed. Some people might even like the idea of adding a third color to the design. For example, if you want white and light blue, you might want a thin, pinstripe-style dark blue line on each side of the light blue line.

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