2 Possible Reasons Why The Water Pressure From Your Home's Well Keeps Fluctuating

If your home uses a well as its water source, the way the system works is that the pump pulls the water into a tank where pressure builds up. Whenever you turn on a faucet in your home, the pump then pushes the pressurized water through the plumbing.

Normally, the water coming through to your house should have consistent pressure. However, if you have noticed that the water pressure is no longer consistent and keeps fluctuating wildly, there are a couple of possible reasons why this is happening.

1. Motor in the Well Pump Is Worn Out and Struggling to Pull Water Through and Push It Through Your Home's Plumbing

One possible reason why your home's water pressure keeps fluctuating has to do with the well pump's motor. When the motor starts to wear out, it will struggle to pull water from the well and into the tank.

When this happens, a couple of problems will happen, starting with an inadequate water level to build pressure within the tank. Then, because of the weak motor, the pump will have difficulty pushing the water through your home's plumbing.

If the motor is still working part of the time, the pressure will rise and fall rapidly, resulting in fluctuations. You will need to have a professional check the pump's motor to see if it needs to be replaced.

2. Pressure Tank That Holds Both the Water and the Well Pump Is Damaged and No Longer Building up Enough Pressure

Another possible reason that the water pressure in your home has become erratic is that the pressure tank holding the well water has been damaged. Even if the pump continues to pull water in from the well, it will leak out of a hole or crack in the tank.

Because of the leaking water as well as air contamination, the pressure within the tank will not build up consistently, which will cause fluctuations. A professional can check the tank to see if it can be patched or should be replaced.

When your household's well water pressure becomes inconsistent and keeps fluctuating erratically, the motor in the well pump may be wearing down and struggling to send enough water through your home's plumbing. There may also be a problem with pressure building inside the tank because of damage. Contact a contractor who works with well pumps and pressure tanks to have them inspect the system and find the cause of the low water pressure so they can fix the issue for you.