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Complexity leading to…

Complexity leading to…
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We all have more or less agreed to the funda behind our evolution but have we mapped the roots behind the evolution of the systems that continues to evolve us every second-let's consider the excerpt below to throw some light onto this issue and it is surprising to note that its complexity like water from where the evolution starts.

The most complex structure is the brain.
The most complex product of this structure is the relationship between two brains.

Once these two meet in a field they will exchange something; and so begins economics.

The next time they meet, one of them remembers they felt angered by the poor deal they made at their last meeting; and so begins History.

At the next meeting they will arrive at a better method of agreeing exchanges; and so begins Politics. Or they will not; and so begins war.

Then one of them will discover a desire for the other; and so begins sex.

The others discovering you desirable and having learnt from all that has happened will enter into a series of exchanges involving Economics, History, Politics and love.

And that's how the seeds of complexity have evolved the systems that continue to evolve us.

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