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| 360° Panorama | Photo Feature | Monday, April 23, 2018  |  6:50:17 PM
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Easwaran Koil Street in the Fort Area, which is just off Big Bazaar Street, is connected with the legend of Tipu Sultan.  It is said that when he made a stopover at Coimbatore this was where his horses were watered and rested ... so the legend goes.

But there is something else that is interesting on this street. If you are a bookworm, here's the place to indulge yourself.  Scores of books adorn the shelves of a series of makeshift shops.  What started with just a few second-hand books, is today the source of books for many students and working professionals.

“We have very old books here which may not be available in a new book stall.  We have been here for around 15 years now.  Before that our brothers and fathers were taking care of the business.  We buy second hand books from students, houses and institutions at about 40% of the value.  We have magazines in Tamil, weeklies, Cinema magazines, which we buy from the waste paper shop.  New books are also available at a discount of 10%”, says Idayatullah who surprisingly turns out to be a graduate, having done his B.Com in Bharathiar University.

You have the pleasure of browsing the old way, here in Fort Area amidst story books in English or Tamil, comics, novels, text books on all subjects – maths, engineering, agriculture, literature, astrology, palmistry, medicine; even books on ancient medicine like siddha, ayurveda and homeopathy.

The list of celebrity visitors who have shopped with them is quite impressive.  Prominent visitors and customers to these shops include Collector Kalaivanar, authors like Udayamurthy, M S Rajesh Kumar, R Parthasarathy, P T Swamy, cricket commentator Ramaswamy, Freedom fighter P Subramaniam who is said to have participated in the Dandi March and Archaeologist Thol Porul Ramaswamy.

The main season for business is the ‘school season’, which is May to August.  The moment that ends, the college rush starts with books on engineering, medicine, literature, history and other subjects being in demand.

“Our main customers are the school and college students.  Customers also come here for rare collections like old history books, allopathic, homeopathic books and so on.  The shops are open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.  Rains are a deterrent factor.  The monthly income is just enough to maintain our families”, added Idayatullah.

Pulp fiction from authors Arthur Hailey, Michael Crichton, John Grisham and Agatha Christie can also be found here.  The lean season for subject textbooks of schools and colleges is after the exams, during the holidays.  But during this time the demand for storybooks and fiction rises. 

Approach: Street opposite the Poompuhar showroom.

Author: Joseph Pradeep Raj

Photographs: Leslee Lazar
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