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VSNL is India's exclusive provider of international telecommunication services, offering both basic and value-added services. It was incorporated in 1986.

VSNLVSNL is one of India's top ten companies, with the Government of India holding a majority stake. In 1998, the company was awarded 'Navratna' status (One of the 'Nine Jewels') by the Indian Government. This granted VSNL special managerial and operational freedom to participate in joint ventures and strategic alliances. In 1998-99, VSNL handled over 1.9 billion minutes of international telephone traffic and earned revenues equivalent to US$1.6 billion. VSNL has built an extensive infrastructure of facilities to provide its customers with state-of-the-art telecommunications services.

Basic Services

International Telephony :

VSNL offers International Direct Dialing facility to 236 countries from India. The facility to book collect calls and fixed time calls is also available through VSNL's operators.

International Telex :

International Telex is one of VSNL's basic services, providing a convenient and cost-effective means of communications to almost 237 countries in the world.

International Telegraph :

VSNL provides International Telegraph Services to 30 Countries all over the world.

Value Added Services

Home Country Direct Services :

VSNLForeign visitors in India can call directly through their own country's telephone operator and can even charge their call to their home number or credit card.

India Direct Services :

VSNL has introduced the India Direct Service from different countries around the world. To use this service, a person in a foreign country calls a unique access number and is connected automatically to an MTNL operator in Mumbai. The MTNL operator will then pass the call onto the desired number in India. Direct numbers are different for every country and are either toll free or charged at local call rates.

At present India Direct services are available from 28 countries.

VSNL Internet Access Services : Enables subscribers to send/receive E-mail, read news, surf the net, download files, log on to remote machines, chat, listen to music, do purchasing on the net and more.

ISDN : Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) enables a customer to make data call and voice call using single end-to-end digital network. This service is available with 21 countries and 23 Administrations.

Gateway Electronic Data Interchange Services (GEDIS) : This service provides customers with the ideal environment for national and international electronic trading.

Gateway Electronic Mail Services : This service provides full-featured domestic as well as international E-mail and forward fax services to Indian customers. This service enables 60 - 70% reduction in the fax communication bill.

Gateway Packet Switched Data Services (GPSS) :

This service enables economical, low and high-speed data communications.

Specialised Services

Video ConferencingVideo Conference Service :
This facility allows people who are far apart to meet face-to-face, without the expense, time and hassle involved in international travel. Customers can be connected directly to 19 international destinations.

INMARSAT Services :

This is a mobile communication service for commercial as well as distress and safety applications at sea, in the air and on land.

International Private Leased Circuit :

VSNL provides international private leased circuits for point-to-point, fast, efficient and reliable communications to aid modern business houses in their need for effective and economical telecommunications.

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