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IT Hotspot -- Coimbatore

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After Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, the focus of attention has shifted to Tier II IT destinations. Occupying the top slot in the category is Coimbatore, South India's next IT hotspot.

Coimbatore scores well in availability of talent, adequacy of real estate, availability of power, connectivity and cost of living. As per PwC, Coimbatore is suitable for setting up an IT park. There is an immediate requirement of approximately 0.6 million sq ft of IT park space to be gradually scaled upto a total of 1.4 million sq ft for 14000 professionals by the year 2008. Estimated export revenues stand at $113 million by the year 2008.

Coimbatore also boasts of 20,000 engineering graduates and approximately 28,000 non-engineering graduates with the number set to grow by 2008, an enterprising community and salubrious climate. The IT Park has an employment potential for 14,000 people.
Some of the leading multinationals such as Citibank and HSBC have opened branches in the city.

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