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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
List of Schools
G D Naidu Charities
Dr. P Radhakrishnan
PSG College of Arts and Sciences
PSG College of Technology
PSG College of Nursing
PSG Medical Sciences and Research
PSG Polytechnic
PSG Paramedical Sciences
Established in 1971, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has contributed extensively to the development of the farming community.  It offers Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Ph.D. Programmes in Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry and Home Science.  These programmes are offered through its ten constituent colleges, which are housed in seven different campuses.

The Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE), which exposes the students to real-life field problems, is a unique aspect of the University’s educational programme.  Programmes like B.Tech (Food Processing), M.Sc and MBA in Agriculture Marketing Management were introduced to address the need for trained manpower in these sectors.

The University has moved with the signs of time and has the best equipped laboratories, even at the Under Graduate level.  Sophisticated and advanced scientific equipment like Column Chromatography with Electrophoresis, DNA Analyse and Sequencer, Environment Analyser, Rainfall Simulators, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Tree cap canopy Analyser and Root Scanner are some of modern equipment used in the laboratories.

Apart from this, all the constituent colleges of the university have crop cafeterias, which are equipped to accommodate about 120 crop species at any given time.  These cafeterias serve as observation plots and as specimen banks for undergraduate students, to help them make biometric observations.  Students also use them to identify crop varieties, nutrient deficiency symptoms, physiological disorders, pest and disease incidence symptoms, mechanical injuries and other phenomenon.

The University has a Renewable Energy Park at its main campus.  This park displays various renewable energy gadgets, developed by the University’s Department of Bio-energy since 1982.  The park provides detailed information and guidance to students, farmers and entrepreneurs on renewable energy sources.  Some of the renewable energy tools on display include solar-fuelled cookers, dryers, green houses and bio-mass run pyrolysis plant.

The University publishes News Letters - ‘Valarum Velanmai’ and ‘Seithi Madal’, which directly release research findings to the farmers.  Other innovative programmes designed to equip the farmer with modern scientific techniques and findings are the Farm school on All India Radio and Audio Cassette lessons.

The University is among the four Indian Agricultural Universities implementing the World Bank aided Agricultural Human Resources Development Project (AHRDP).  The University is also the recipient of the Best Institution Award from Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) in 1998.

Address: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Lawley Road, Coimbatore - 641 003, Phone: 091-0422-431222.

Author: Joseph Pradeep Raj
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