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Established in 1952 by Dr G R Damodaran of the PSG group, the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers' Association (SIEMA) includes member industries from the Electric motors, Pumps, Switch Gears, Diesel Engines, Textile Machinery, Cast Iron, Compressors, Electronic gadgets, Valves and Steel castings sectors. Members account for around 300 Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) licenses in operation.

Apart from technical consulting and support offered to member companies, SIEMA also conducts seminars, workshops and training programmes when necessary. The N.D Hall at the SIEMA premises has proved an ideal venue for organising programmes for the Engineering community.

SIEMA is actively involved in key advisory committees and panels for the Engineering Manufacturers' community. In a joint effort with CODISSIA (Coimbatore District Small Industries Association) and SIDBI (Small Industries Development Corporation), SIEMA established SITARC (Small Industries Testing and Research Centre) in 1987. This centre has helped enhance quality levels through improved research and testing facilities.

Address: SIEMA, P.B. No: 3847, 8/4, Race Course, Coimbatore - 641018

Phone: 214014 Fax: 213076

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