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Coimbatore Stock Exchange
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The Coimbatore Stock Exchange (CSX) was founded by K G Balakrishnan.

The CSX building, on the Trichy Road, just 8 kms from the Airport and 4.5 kms from the Railway Station, is a landmark in itself. With nearly 2 lakh square feet of built up area, its trading hall alone is spread over 19,000 square feet.  It commenced operations from 1996, when it installed the Screen Based Trading System (SBT), which is capable of handling 25,000 trades per day. The 50-strong staff at CSX are trained to handle all the necessary functions.

All the 136 individual members and 57 corporate members of CSX are connected through a Local Area Network (LAN).  The LAN is capable of accommodating upto 400 members. Each member is given a cubicle having a computer terminal and telephone connection. Communication facilities include constantly updated economic and capital market-related news at the Reuters and Knight Rider terminals. Margins are monitored online on the SBT system. Facilities available at CSX include library, canteen, STD and Internet booths, 24 hrs water supply, power supply, security, Bank with security lockers, ready-to-use telephone connections, conference hall and gymnasium.

The Exchange is managed by a Governing Board, which is made up of the member brokers.

Address: Coimbatore Stock Exchange Ltd., ‘Stock Exchange Buildings’, # 683-686, Trichy Road,
Coimbatore - 641 005
Phone: (0422) 315 100 / 03, Fax: (0422) 313 947
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