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OX25 and Balwan launched by BTL
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Bajaj Tempo Limited (BTL) - a Firodia enterprise, attempts to buck the trend of negative growth that the tractor industry in India has shown. While last year the negative growth was pegged at around 12%, this year the negative growth is likely to be around 15%. Much of this trend has been attributed to the crop failures in North India and low return on investments for farmers in the Southern and Western belts of the country. The overproduction and flooding of the market by major players and heavy competition made matters worse.

Ox 25BTL is a fledgling in the Indian tractor market, they entered the fray just a few years back in '97. However, with the launch of its Ox 25 and Balwan range of tractors in the below 30 HP, 40 HP and 50 HP segment, Bajaj Tempo has widened its product line and has options for almost all segments. Before Ox 25, Bajaj Tempo did not have a presence in the below 30 HP segment of the Indian tractor market. The Ox 25 should bolster the company's presence, as this segment makes about 26% of the total market and even though this has been reducing over the years, still it is big enough for the new players not to ignore it.

In the light of this scenario, Abhay Firodia, Chairman and Managing Director, Bajaj Tempo said that with the high levels of problems in the agricultural economy due to increasing costs for the farmer and declining incomes as a result of poor support prices for agricultural produce, the Indian farmer has to increase productivity and reduce costs for survival and success. This he said, was what Bajaj Tempo would help the farmer achieve through the Balwan and Ox range of tractors with their high productivity features, which would offer higher profits for Indian farmers. "They are designed for the era of farm mechanisation that is coming to Indian agriculture as different from mere tractorisation", he added.

Bajaj BalwanSo, what do these new tractors from the Firodia stable have to offer? They boast of a lot of 'firsts'. The engine is a Mercedes, that comes with an overhead camshaft, which is a first in India. In fact the company's relationship with Mercedes goes back more than three decades, when it produced the first Mercedes Benz OM 616 engine. And the synchromesh gearbox, which makes for smoother handling and less fatigue for the driver and due to low friction and higher efficiency of transmission results in huge savings. One needn't say anything about the hydraulics from world renowned Bosch. Dual Speed Power Take Off (DPTO) means that the tractor can be hired out when it is not in use, as it takes care of implements with both 540 and 1000 rpm.

And the most unique part which stands out is the care and effort that has gone into the ergonomic body design. "The conventional Indian tractor is just a borrowed version of the western tractor, which was designed more for the European farmer's physique. We did a lot of research and found that the seat and the various controls needed to be placed for better legroom and comfort. We did this using our CAD engineers. The seat is adjustable so that the driver can be assured of comfort, a full mudguard which is a first and a sealed alternator that ensures continuous charging even at low speeds. Oil immersed, sealed multi disc brakes ensure that there is no brake lining replacement needed for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. The vehicles are Euro II compliant." said Rakesh Jinsi, Chief Operating Officer of the Tractor Division of BTL. BTL has invested Rs 30 crore in Research and Development which amounts to about 5% of its turnover.

BalwanWhen asked whether the entry of foreign players like John Deere of USA, New Holland Tractors, Renault Agriculture etc, would change the scenario for BTL? Rakesh Jinsi said that though they would offer these features, not a single maker as of now offers all these features in a single model, which makes the Balwan and Ox range of tractors sure fire winners. The vehicles would be available through BTL's nationwide exclusive dealer network. BTL hopes to sell close to 6,000 units this financial year. The vehicle would cost around Rs 3.4 to Rs 3.5 lakhs, as the taxes would vary from state to state. Last year, BTL had a 1% market share in tractors. BTL is looking to make inroads further north, as till date its presence has been more in the Southern and Western belts in terms of sales, particularly in the three states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with a little bit in Madhya Pradesh. Talks are also on with a few players abroad with regard to plans on entering the European and US markets.

Local Dealer Address: N Mahalingam and Son, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore.
Phone: 230357

Text : Joseph Pradeep Raj R
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