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 Home > City Resources > Gardening > HOW TO MAINTAIN A FLOWERING PLANT

How to decorate a christmas tree
How to keep a christmas tree fresh
How to maintain a flowering plant

Throughout the world, people express their feelings through flowers. Flowers seem to have a magical quality that no other gift has. It can be a sign of love, appreciation, or apology. Flowers serve a host of other purposes, as no celebration is quite complete without flowers adorning the venue.

Here are a few things you need to know when you buy flowers:

• If you are buying a bouquet, never buy a readymade one. These invariably have old flowers. Always have a bouquet made to order or if possible, make it a point to be present when it is being put together.

• Apart from the flowers used in a bouquet, the materials used like the cellophane, board and ribbons are important, for both appearance and durability.

A few tips on keeping cut flowers fresh longer.

• Pick flowers early in the morning or early evening. Wrap damp paper towels around their stems until you get them indoors and plunge them immediately into a container of water.

• Once inside, cut the stems at an angle and put them in a pail of tepid water.
( Use a sharp kinfe, since scissors will compress the stems.)


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