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Do you feel that there are simply not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything? Do you wonder where you'll find energy to go to work, fix the meals, maintain your house, manage your money, educate your children, etc. In short, do you wish to make your life less difficult?

Here we present some practical solutions for everyday life.

Around the house

Keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean with baking soda - just sprinkle it liberally over the entire carpet and let it sit for an hour. Then vacuum it up.

For a sweeter smelling house, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the dust-bag of your vacuum      cleaner before you start it up.

You can use mayonnaise to remove crayon marks from wooden furniture. Just let it sit for ten minutes and then rub with a soft cloth.

Vinegar is an inexpensive and effective cleaning agent and it has many practical uses :

      - To remove white water deposits from your pots and pans, simply pour white vinegar into the pot and boil for 15 minutes.

      - Cleaning your dishwasher is child's play if you run an empty cycle with white vinegar.

      - White vinegar can also remove stains and odours of pets from the carpet.

      - When you are painting, just add a few drops of vanilla essence to the paint when mixing. This will remove the unpleasant smell and still won't affect the colour.

      - To keep the toilet bowl sparkling, mix equal parts of baking soda and borax; add white vinegar and use this mixture as a cleaning fluid.
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