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Hard wearing areas need superior carpets...

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Carpet care

How to choose your carpet: The wearing qualities of all carpeting depend on the fibres used and how dirt resistant they are. Wool carpets are dirt resistant, luxuriously soft, and when mixed with 20% nylon they are very hard wearing. The polysters like Tereleyne and Dacron are fairly water proof and are ideal for bathrooms

Using the right carpet:

Since different areas of the home wear differently, use different qualities of carpets. For eg, stairs, passages and living rooms get rougher use than bedrooms. Adult rooms get more gentle treatment than children's rooms and rooms near water (kitchens, bathrooms) need tougher surfaces. Hard wear areas need the best quality that you can afford. Light wear aeas can be covered with more luxurious carpets. Have your carpets measured and laid by experts, and check their estimates carefully to prevent over-ordering.

Vaccum clean it at least once a month and spot clean any stains as soon as they occur, making sure you do not over wet it.

avy Glass Is Defective...

Caring for your carpets:

The price of glass generally depends on the thickness, which can vary from 3mm to 19mm. A 3mm sheet can cost upto Rs.550 per sq. ft.

The tint on the glass adds nominally to the price. To check the quality of the glass, inspect it from the sides. The glass should not be wavy; if it is, it is defective.
Glass used on automobiles or windshields is toughened glass. This glass is manufactured at temperatures of upto 900 degree centigrade.

While sheet glass is supposed to break into large pieces on impact, good toughened glass is to break into minute crystals. .

A square inch of glass is supposed to break into approximately 64 pieces. Toughened glass also goes through an electricity resistance test.
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