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Inner and Outer Auras of A Loving CoupleIt is called 'chi' in China, 'thi' in Japan. Pranic Healing is an ancient art and science of healing that uses energy or 'prana'.

"Have you ever wondered why you come away so refreshed or happy after meeting or being in the vicinity of persons like Sai Baba or the Dalai Lama or the Pope. It is the positive 'prana' or life force that influences us. Pranic Healing involves the transfer of this energy", says Sushil Joseph, Managing Trustee of the Pranic Healing Foundation of Tamil Nadu and Vice-President of the All India Pranic Healing Foundation.

There are two basic principles in Pranic Healing. The first is the principle of self-recovery. The human body possesses the power to heal itself. The second is the principle of life force or Pranic energy. The 'prana' or life force can be given to ailing points with which the healing process is accelerated. 'Prana' is available all around us, from the sun, air, earth, which are primary sources and also from secondary sources like water too.

Outer  Aura Of a Spiritual Aspirant Doing Meditation On Twin HeartsWhen we breathe in air, we also breathe in 'prana'. This 'prana' can also be commanded and can be channelled through one person when that person requires it.

The method of healing involves two main actions - The first is that when a person is sick, the person has sick or diseased energy. This sick energy needs to be removed first. The second step involves the infusion of fresh energy, which acts as a catalyst, speeding the healing process of the body.

Activated Crown Chakra of  a Spiritual Aspirant Doing  Meditation onTwin HeartsThe human body has a physical body and an energy body. The energy body has many chakras or energy centres which control the various organs of the physical body. The chakras control the various organs that are in the body, for example, the heart is controlled by the heart chakra.

If there is a problem with the chakra, it reflects on the organ. So if the chakra is set right using 'prana', then the organ also starts functioning well. So through diagnosis the malfunctioning chakra is identified and treatment is given accordingly. An unique aspect of Pranic healing is that both the diagnosis and treatment are non-intrusive.

Address: Pranic Healing Foundation of Tamil Nadu,
Administrative office,
Colt Computer Centre, 69, Nungambakkam High road, Chennai - 600 034.
Phone: 823 1956 / 745, 827 2889 / 5113,
Fax: 826 3366.

Author : Joseph Pradeep Raj R
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