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Holistic Healing
K B GopalHolistic healing is networking different methods of healing. To treat one's ailments, a combination of two or more methods of therapy is used. Some of the methods used are Reiki, Magnified healing, Fifth dimension healing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Pranic healing etc. Holistic healing is about diagnosing the ailment and then choosing a method of healing, whichever is appropriate for the particular ailment.

In Chennai K B Gopal, along with his wife, who is a Reiki grandmaster, offers holistic healing, counselling, astrological consultations and divinity consultations. They also conduct workshops and meditation classes. K B GopalSays Gopal "In Holistic health, the first principle is - the mind is more important than the body. Anybody who has emotional problems, will have physical problems. To treat the physical ailment we reduce the mental block, then the physical symptoms subside on their own." He says that common illnesses like neck pain, arthritis, gall bladder stone, cysts, uterus problems, heart ailments, eye problems, diabetes, high or low blood pressure can be easily cured through Holistic healing. Once cured, it is mostly permanent. But sometimes a relapse occurs. Asked if anyone can learn healing skills, he says that most of the healing process takes about 1 or 2 days to learn and there is no prerequisite like knowing the body structure etc.

Holistic healing is not against allopathic treatment. It is the integration of every method of treatment. It is believed that there is more than one level of looking at ailments. The allopathic doctors see the physical side. But what the healer sees is more than that, he looks at the energy chakras, (energy sensitivity based on ayurveda and the bioplasmic area). He says " We are trying to integrate, and are using the best combination to work."

K B GopalK B Gopal also practises rare forms like Magnified Healing, which involves invocation of the Goddess Kwanyin. Fifth Dimension is also a very rare form practised by only a few people in Chennai. It is healing with sounds, where many chants and chimes are used.

Healing can be done at Rs 100/- per sitting, with medicines costing extra. Most often they are Ayurveda and Siddha medicines, which are very affordable. Workshops costs Rs 750/- to Rs 4,750/- in many fields like Reiki, Astrology etc. Astrological reading costs Rs 300/- per reading. They also sell crystals and wind chimes.

Address: K B Gopal, A-2 Rams Flats, 15 Dhanakotiammal Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600 024
Phone: 472 4456

Text & Photographs: Leslee Lazar
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