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Vtotech Seating Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Strength In Furniture
Worthy 'Magicolor'

Vtotech chairs are scientifically designed for your comfort

Vtotech Seatings Systems Pvt. Ltd presents a wide range of chairs with a touch of class and elegance to meet your office requirements. Vtotech chairs are specially designed for people who have to spend long hours sitting in the office or at home.

Vtotech chairs are designed ergonomically. Every part is minutely engineered with utmost care to ensure maximum comfort to the human body, thereby reducing physical strain and fatigue. The chairs are manufactured with hi-tech material and textured upholstery .

These chairs possess reflex action and have a moulded cushioned seat which reduces cervical stress and proportionately balances the body weight to facilitate easy movement of the body. Synchronised tilting action eliminates discomfort while leaning back or bending forward.

Vtotech chairs are ideally designed for the executive class and are available in both subtle and bold colours. Kirti Panchal, the Managing Director of Vtotech said, “From our experience, the cutomers looks for quality, warranty, and different schemes. We take care of these aspects. As far as the price factor is concerned, it may be marginally different from other products available in the market.”





Address: Vtotech Seatings Systems Pvt. Ltd, 1 & 2
City View Bldg., 201, Dr. Annie Beasant Road. Worli Naka,
Mumbai - 400018
Tel - 497 2498 / 492 7878 / 496 3715.
Fax : 496 4947

by : Wasim Siddiqui

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