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Auto Focus 2000 - the first regional automotive exhibition. More...
When properly retreaded, tyres can be driven at the same speed and condition as new tyres, with no loss in safety or comfort. More...
Irizar TVS Limited - Ashok Leyland, Sundaram Industries and Irizar, of Spain, have come together to form Irizar TVS Limited. More...
Tamilnadu Tyre Dealer's Association
ELGITREAD (INDIA) LIMITED - Pioneers in the concept of pre-cured / cold process of tyre retreading. More...
Tyre Maintainance
Interview with Phil Spender, President and managing Director, Ford India. More...

Ford Mondeo
Auto Focus 2000

Tyre Maintainance

Irizar TVS Limited
Interview with
Phil Spender
Tamil Nadu Tyre Dealer's Association
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