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Dr Sankaran P Raghunathan -’s interview with Dr Sankaran P Raghunathan, Founder, Chairman of Blueshift Inc, about paradigm shifts. More...
N. Parameshwaran - Interview with N Parameshwaran, Senior
G M, VSNL. More...
A Akthar Hussain, on buying computer hardware, peripherals and consumables. More...
Satyam - N Shekar speaks on the future of E-business in India. More...
Simple, Expandable and Connectible...that sums up the m500 series from Palm Inc., which was launched in India.
Indian English Via Voice is a speech recognition software. More...
Taking IT to the Masses -
H N Mahabala and Dr S V Raghavan spoke on the need to take IT to the masses. More...
A Social Dimension - Knowledge- based industries and the social impact. More...

New era in handheld
Indian English Via Voice
Taking IT to the Masses
A Social Dimension
Dr Sankaran P Raghunathan
N. Parameshwaran
A Akthar Hussain
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