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Roots Multiclean Limited, belongs to the Coimbatore based, Roots Group of Companies, which is over 35 years old. Roots Multiclean was one of the earliest companies in India, who brought the concept of mechanised cleaning into the country. The company has a joint venture with the world-renowned manufacturers of cleaning equipments, Hako Werke Gmbh of Germany.

Apart from the machines manufactured under license, RMCL also markets a wide range of cleaning equipment manufactured by Hako and machines outside their product range, from other well known manufacturers of cleaning equipment as they are positioned as a company that gives total and cost effective solutions to the customer's cleaning problems.

Within a span of a decade, RMCL has established themselves as the largest manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment in India and also as the largest exporter of cleaning equipment from India to Japan, Australia, Western European countries and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. RMCL is also the first and the only cleaning company in India, which is certified with ISO 9002.

Unlike other fields like agriculture, construction, material handling where considerable mechanisation and automation have taken place, in the cleaning industry the methods adopted are still very traditional. RMCL has allocated a sizable part of its resources in educating the public about the advantages of mechanised cleaning, about efficient, faster, cost effective cleaning that takes away the drudgery which is associated with the conventional methods using brooms and simple mops.

Address: RKG Industrial Estate, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641006. Tamil Nadu. India.
Phone: 422 532100. Fax : 422 532107.

Roots Multiclean
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