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Tamil as a language is an unconscious invention of a whole community. It is one of the five ancient languages, which still retains its originality. This language has the unique distinction of being spoken (to a certain extent) in almost 60 countries.

Though it is difficult to trace the origin of the language, ancient literature attributes its origin far beyond Cape Comorin. The dialects of the language have been categorised into five - Kumari, Madurai, Chettiar, Kungu, Thanjai and Chennai Tamil. The differentiation exists as a spoken language, but follows a uniform rule when writing. Another aspect is that it is the only South Indian language that is spoken even outside the Dravidian culture. For instance the language is spoken in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Various legendaries like Agathiar, Sanga Pullavar, Thiruvalluvar, Thiruganasambandar, Namalvar, Sekiyar, Arunagirinadhar, Annamalai Reddiar, Vallal Ramalinga Adigal, Bharathiyar, Bharathidasan and Kannadasan have contributed significantly to the growth of Tamil literature. Today, software packages have been developed in Tamil, (broadening the canvass of the language in the process).

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