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DivyodhayaA name that means ‘Divine Awakening’, Divyodhaya Religious and Charitable Trust belongs to the Preshitha Province, Coimbatore, of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Congregation.  It was founded in 1980, to promote harmony and common thinking on the positive values of all religions.  'Divine Awakening' or 'Divyodhaya', when it dawns on a person, enables him to see humanity as one family, without any barriers.

Divodhaya took shape through the efforts of Rev. Dr. John Peter, CMI, Founder Director.  Dr. B K Krishnaraj Vanavarayar is the present Chairman of the trust and Rev. Dr. Jose Paul is the Director. The bonds that unite us are stronger than the barriers that separate us, is the motto of this trust, which attempts to transcend religious barriers.

Says, Fr. Jose Paul, Director, Each of us may be from different backgrounds; geographically, culturally and spiritually. But we belong to one family.  The bond that unites all of us is Love and using it we must create a better world".

DivyodhayaDivyodhaya co-ordinates various programmes like training for meditation, leadership, seminars, competitions, reach- out programmes, inter-religious prayer meetings. They also conduct regular medical camps in association with Vimal Jyothi Hospital and other private practitioners, on all Thursdays. The training for meditation is conducted between 5.00 pm and 6.00 PM on all Saturdays. Sangamam is an annual two-day interfaith stay-in programme in which relevant topics are chosen, discussed and resolutions are passed.  The feature of this get-together is the inter-religious pilgrimage.

Rev. Dr. John Peter, CMI, Founder-Director of Divyodhaya says in the Divyodhaya Decennial Souvenir, The mission of Divyodhaya as a service to the society must include a sincere and earnest effort to restore the genuine meaning of religion and its power for social change.  The various services offered by Divyodhaya whether religious or not, are undertaken with the above objective in mind.

The centre has a well stocked library, a book centre and reading room, which is open to the public. The Divyodhaya Academy presents regular classes in Spoken English, Music, Yoga and Karate, which are handled by trained persons.

Address: Divyodhaya, Inter Religious Centre, # 91, Geetha Hall Road, Coimbatore 641 018. 
300 966.

Author: Joseph Pradeep Raj

Photographs: Leslee Lazar

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