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Social Aid for the Handicapped And Infirm  
SAHAISAHAI is the acronym for Social Aid for the Handicapped And Infirm. In a country which has over 400 lakh disabled persons, most of whom are found in the economically backward sections of society, SAHAI was formed to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation package for them. It is a charitable trust promoted by professionals and doctors, who have committed themselves to the cause of the handicapped.

Most often these disabled people cannot afford reconstructive surgery or physiotherapy.  Even then, this expensive therapy and surgery does not provide a complete solution as it does not take care of the patient’s rehabilitation.  To meet this need Dr. Thomas Joseph, a neurosurgeon of renown; led a group of dedicated doctors and philanthropists to form the SAHAI Trust.  It was decided by this team, that they would cater to the needs of the disabled persons and help in their rehabilitation.  They have focused their efforts on those paralysed with spinal injuries. 

SAHAIThe whole rehabilitation process starts with priority being given at the beginning to restoring mobility to the affected through restorative surgery and physiotherapy.  Once the disabled gain mobility through medical attention, they are encouraged and directed towards attending a vocational training programme.  The programmes would be chosen according to the level of education that they have received. The entire cost of rehabilitation is free of cost.  In the first year of its establishment alone 30 surgeries were done. SAHAI has leased a facility at J.M. Hospital, Thagadam Road, where the rehabilitation programme for patients takes place.

Address: SAHAI Trust, 54, T Nagar, R N Puram, Coimbatore - 641 045

Phone: (0422) 31 9127.

Author: Joseph Pradeep Raj

Photographs: V Ganesan

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