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| 360 Panorama | Photo Feature | Tuesday, April 24, 2018  |  10:31:53 AM
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Just outside Coimbatore, on the Perur road, one can find numerous Grape gardens which supply to the local market, that is Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

A splendid sight; these suspended gardens. An overwhelming curiosity takes over, making me want to go down on my knees and watch the tender grapes, unrecognisable at this stage, but holding the promise of ending up in a juice mug.

Even the water supply is fancy. The plants are not made to suck water from the ground. They have tubes supplying them water constantly, the exact amount of water they need, drop by drop, by the drip irrigation method, just so that they don't get gluttonous?!

There are about 100 men and women working in a field of 25 acres. These plants need constant pruning and care. Many grapes in a bunch are cut off so that the remaining grapes have enough space to grow large in size. A surprising fact is that both green grapes and purple grapes are indistinguishable when they are young, with both of them being green in colour.

Many of the vineyards are large, of about 20 acres minimum. The entire road extending from Kovai Kondatam outwards from Coimbatore has numerous vineyards on either side, interspersed with corn and sugarcane fields. A visit to these fields will surely give you that hard-to-get 'agricultural experience'.

Text and Photographs: Leslee Lazar

Atthar Jamad Majeed
Maruthamalai Temple
Perur Temple
Vineyards on the  Perur Road
In Tamilnadu

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