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| 360 Panorama | Photo Feature | Tuesday, April 24, 2018  |  10:33:47 AM
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Sim's ParkFor those preferring a milder version of Ooty's climate, Coonoor, at analtitude of 1,712 metres, is the alternative. The main attraction is Sim's Park, established in 1874, with its beautiful flowerbeds that are a botanist's delight. Among the rare trees and herbs grown here are Pine, Magnolia, Phoenix, Turpentine, Camellia, Quercus and Araucaria.

Lamb's rock, so called because of one Captain Lamb who was responsible for creating a path to this previously inaccessible ravine. The ravine of Burliar is a truly a visual treat. The blue skies and mist hanging over the ghats over the Mettupalayam area is most certainly a grand sight.

Dolphin nose is a natural rock formation in the form of an uprising dolphin. The place is a perfect 'picture post card' memory, with the St Catherine's Falls flowing slowly across the canyon and the Badaga (Local tribe) huts dotting the edge of the serrated cliffs; creating a dramatic effect.

Law's Falls, is situated 5 kms from Coonoor and is so called because of Colonel G.V Law who completed the Ghat road to Mettupalayam. The Falls have water from the Coonoor river falling into the deep gorge, to meet River Katteri along the Ghat road.

Katteri Falls is 10 kms away from Coonoor. It is the third highest falls in the Nilgris. It has the distinction of having run the first co-ordinate factory with the hydel electric power plant in 1902.

The Droog is the most captivating place in and around Coonoor. One has to first go to Nonsuch estate, which is 17 kms from Coonoor, and then trek 4 kms to reach the ruins of the old fort. The panoramic view of the green mountains is simply the best. This was once a strategic military post.

571 kms from Chennai
Nearest airport - Coimbatore
Nearest rail hub - Mettupalayam or Coimbatore
Well connected by road.

Author : Leslee Lazar

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