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| 360 Panorama | Photo Feature | Thursday, May 24, 2018  |  4:00:09 AM
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PitchavaramPitchavaram is a mangrove forest in the middle of rural south India. 16 kms from Chidambaram, this is a popular tourist destination. The lush greenery and the calm backwaters drew me, from far off Chennai, to make a visit. The main attraction of the forest is the boating trips on the estuary through the mangrove forests. The Forestry Department and the Tamilnadu Tourism Department jointly manage this 2800-acre mangrove forest.

PitchavaramMangroves are special type of forests, where only a few species of trees grow. These trees have breathing roots, wherein the roots come above the soil surface to breathe air. In Pitchavaram, there are 19 species of different trees. The mangrove forests are known to prevent soil erosion, act as a buffer between seawater and fresh water and also have medicinal properties in their trees.

PitchavaramThe boat ride through the still waters is very relaxing. The trees make arches around the waterway and few rays of sunlight that filter through these tangling branches reflect on the placid waters, to make for an unforgettable experience. The boat ride through these arches is a must. The silence will make you never want to leave this place. If lucky you could spot some exotic birds also. You would normally need an entire day to see the whole forest. But I was satisfied with a two-hour ride, mainly because my very informative boatman showed me places that a normal tourist would most often not be taken to. The experienced boat man was very entertaining and informative, he could pronounce scientific terms flawlessly and kept good company by singing old film songs. I don't know why I was given this special privilege, but I am grateful for such a wonderful memory.

Boats can be hired from the tourist counter at Rs 50/- per head, for 1 hour.

Route: 16 kms from Chidambaram, can hire taxis, vans, or take local buses.
Nearest Rail hub: Chidambaram (16 kms)
Nearest Airport: Trichy (128 kms)
Accomodation: TTDC cottages and rooms available at Pitchavaram.( Double bed rooms - Rs 195/-, and Cottages Rs 50/- per head)
Notes: Video and still cameras not allowed.

Text and Pics - Leslee Lazar

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