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Click to ZoomYelagiri hills, is an idyllic place for a short holiday. Green hills and picture post-card scenery greets you here. It is called the queen of hill stations and is the most pristine and unpolluted among the hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri Hills is a backward area with few glaring developments like cottages and farm houses, yet a place that has maitained its 'remote' label.

The government is trying to promote Yelagiri as a tourist place. But now, apart from the lake, there is not much for the regular tourist. But the view in and around the hills is captivating enough to last a lifetime. Jalagamparai water falls is a 5 km trek from Yelagiri downhill. Its a tough trek, but the view from the sides of the mountain, of the valley, is truly rewarding. The Javad range of hills run parallel to Yelagiri; the land is sandwiched between these two.

Click to ZoomThe towns in Yelagiri hills are Athnavur and Nilavur. Athnavur is the best place to stay and plan your trip. Some good quality cottages and hotels are available here. Also, this is the last stop with traces of modernisation. The next town (a settlement rather) is Nilavur. Here the place is full of agricultural land and vegetable and rose farms. It will be an interesting detour to visit these farms. The people here are friendly.

By Road: Buses ply from Tirupattur, which can be reached by bus from Chennai, Vellore, Jolarpettai.

Nearest Railhub: Jolarpettai (one can alight at Jolarpet and take a cab or go to Tirupattur and then go to Yelagiri)

Nearest Airport: Chennai

Note: Summers tend to get crowded. Athnavur is the place to stay. There are no hotels elsewhere. Can be visited any time of the year.


Text and Pics - Leslee Lazar

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