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Tamil Nadu Agro Industries Development Corporation (TNAIDC) was started in 1967, by the Government of India, when it was decided that the major states in the country should have agro industry corporations as corporate bodies. In 1968, TNAIDC was incorporated with the Government of India providing the major part of the shares initially. Later, the shares were split between the central and state government. The centre share holding is 46.3% while the rest is with the state government. The authorised and paid up share capital is Rs.400 lakh.

The corporation was formed with the objective of encouraging and promoting industries for the growth and modernization of agriculture, animal husbandry, pisiculture, poultry farming, horticulture and floriculture. It also promotes agro-based industries, particularly food processing industries and adopts the latest developments in the field of agriculture and technology.

The corporation has seven divisions:-

- Sunflower Oil
- Engineering
- Pesticides
- Fertilizer
- Marketing
- Food Processing

The Sunflower Oil division has its own sunflower seed processing complex to produce double refined Sunflower oil. The oil is marketed under the brand name 'Sunola'. The Fishing webnet unit located in the Guindy industrial estate, produces nets which can be used for various purposes; from Safety nets to bird guard nets for grape and apple orchards. The Engineering division has 10 regional centres and 17 sales depots spread throughout the state. It markets farm implements, batteries, tyres, tubes, submersible pumps and other products.

The Pesticides division manufactures and formulates various kinds of pesticides and is presently formulating five types of pesticides for the fertilizer giant FACT in Kochi. The Fertiliser Division represents leading fertilizer companies including SPIC and IFFCO among others. The Marketing division markets the brand name 'Sunola'. It also markets pesticides, fishnets, soap and acid oil for soap making and sunflower de-oiled cake for animal and poultry feed. The Food Processing division serves as a single channel catering to the requirements of the entrepreneurs in this industry.

The corporation has been chosen by the government as the state level Nodal agency for the processed food sector. For the benefit of Tamil Nadu agricultural processors, a virtual office of the Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) has been opened at the Head office in Guindy.

Mr. Ujjagar Singh, MD of the Tamil Nadu Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd,was conferred the "Udyog Rattan Award" by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi, in November, 1999, for his distinct contribution in the field of Industrial Development and also in recognition of his services in successfully spearheading the sales of 'Sunola' brand of Sunflower oil. The Institute of Economic Studies has also given the "Award of Excellence" to the Tamil Nadu Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd,.

Address: Tamil Nadu Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
(A Government of India Undertaking)
"Agro House", Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600 032.
Phone: 234 2260
Fax: 234 2375

Author : Joseph Pradeep Raj

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