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INDIA'S SUPER 10 - Best Performing Companies  

Adversity brings out the best in people. And Corporate India was no exception. In fact, despite the dotcom crash, the IT squeeze and the global slowdown, followed by the telecom meltdown, India has acquitted itself rather well.

In this year's study of 266 companies conducted by Business India, 132 companies remained in the positive zone while 97 reported negative growth. In fact, 110 have reported lower profits or slipped into the red and these include 30 heavyweights. 58 recorded single-digit growth as against 37 last year and 40 managed more than 20 percent growth with 6 companies leapfrogging by 100 percent! What is more, there are 92 companies with a turnover of Rs1000 crore. And, 8 companies have entered the list for the first time.

Industry wise, automobiles, banks, pharmaceuticals and IT industries did well while steel, fertilisers, refineries, petrochemicals and aluminium industries fared badly. But if you are looking for trends, there are none. The market seems to be jumping from sector to sector. Even globally, there is not a single sector that is positively up. On the other hand, if you're looking for case studies, there are a few that make interesting reading. Take Ranbaxy's transformation into India's first truly transnational company. Bharti Tele-Ventures makes a good case study of one industry where privatisation has more than succeeded. ONGC could be the story of other top public sector units, provided they manage to unlock their values. And Moschip, a low-profile Hyderabad based semiconductor company, may be an underdog today, but could be a winner tomorrow.

As compared with last years ranks, there have been no major upsets, just a slight reshuffle with the two software giants, Wipro and Infosys, bulldozing into the camp while nudging out VSNL. This upward movement is mainly on account of a better ranking in market capitalisation as compared to others. The top guns still continue to hold on to their last year's rankings despite slipping in sales growth.

The four parameters on which the ranking was based are net sales, NFA, market capitalisation and net profits. The aggregate in terms of topline sales growth is merely 2.99 percent. This despite the fact that almost two-thirds of the companies have put up a good show in terms of higher profits at the operating level, indicating clearly that there has been a major drive towards improving productivity without any addition to the asset base.

                                      SUPER 10 BILLBOARD



TOP 10 Net Sales 2001-02


1 5 ONGC 22,911 6,192 23,960 49,102
2 2 IOC 1,02177 2,885 23,980 16,255
3 8 RELIANCE 53,805 3,243 33,184 27,240
4 1 HLL 10,972 1,541 1,320 38,840
5 11 WIPRO 3,416 866 627 31,473
6 9 HPCL 39,633 788 6,789 6,334
7 6 BPCL 35,271 850 5,602 5,597
8 13 INFOSYS 2,604 808 718 23,169
9 4 ITC 5,059 1,190 2,980 16,049
10 10 GAIL 10,571 1,185 6,961 5,399

Staying lean and mean has been the new corporate mantra. To survive, companies have had to scale up or perish. With chartbusters shedding flab, downsizing, laying off, offering VRS, outsourcing work in non-core areas and pruning advertising and promotion budgets, Corporate India has managed to tide over the situation. All this, just to keep themselves from slipping down the charts.

Tough times never last, but tough corporates will! Well done India Inc!

Source: Business India / Business Today


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