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Odissi - one of the oldest surviving dance formsEvidence suggests that Odissi is one of the oldest surviving dance forms of India. Its origin can also be traced to the temple dances of the devadasis and Goti Pua.

The inscriptions and sculpted dance poses depicted in temples like Brahmeswara and 'Natak Mandir' of the Sun Temple at Konark speak of this lyrical, sensuous dance form. With the persistence of Abhinaya Chandrika in 1950 the dance form was revitalised.

The mudras and the expressions are similar to those of Bharatanatyam. Odissi performances are based on devotion to Lord Krishna and on the verses of the Sanskrit play 'Geet Govinda' which depicts love and devotion towards God. Odissi performance

The 'Tribhang' or the division of the body into three parts - head, bust and torso is a striking feature of Odissi that is used to express specific moods and emotions.

Kelucharan Mahapatra, formerly a Goti Pua, is one of the great exponents and guru of this ancient dance form.





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