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PercolationSummers in the city mean water scarcity. This problem is compounded by increased salinity and receding ground water levels. But, there is a novel idea that ensures all these fears are put to rest.

It is called Rainwater Harvesting. This method uses rainwater, conserved during the monsoon season, for domestic purposes. Chennai is blessed with an average of 129 centimetres of rainfall every year. If properly utilised, this rainwater can be used to boost the declining ground water level and reduce salinity in the already saline ground water.

Rainwater HarvestingWhat presently happens in the city is that ground area around houses and complexes are being cemented. This forces rainwater, which drains off from terraces and roofs, to drain into low-lying areas, not allowing it to percolate into the soil. Thus precious rainwater is wasted, as it drains into the sea eventually. Rainwater which collects on the roofs and the area around the building is directed into open wells through a filter tank or into a percolation chamber, built specially for this purpose. This method is cost efficient and no maintenance is required.

The Tamil Nadu government is also encouraging promotion of awareness of rainwater harvesting, by means of a notification released by Chennai Metrowater, urging builders to patronise this sustainable process.

For the city residents, Sekhar Raghavan, a Resource Person on Rain Harvesting at Chennai Metrowater, gives free advice and helps implement rainwater harvesting in houses and complexes.

For more details contact:
Sekhar Raghavan,
D-15, Bayview Apartments, Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600 090.
491 8415 (Residence) 85502802 (Office)

Author: Leslee Lazar

Interview - Supriya Sahu
Geetha Hall Road
Annie Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary
Rainwater Harvesting
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