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A G Govindarajulu  
A G GovindarajuluFounder of Allied Engineering Industries, A G Govindarajulu was conferred the Udyog Patra Award in 1986. A product of PSG, Coimbatore, his first assignment was as tool-room incharge at Textool Company Limited. He designed the Traverse can and a new type of cross-wound Bobbins for Draw frames of Super High Draft Spinning Machines. In 1958 he was mills-in-charge at Om Parasakthi Mills Limited. In 1960, he developed the semi-automatic Traverse Cone Winder and also adapted the Japanese Kamitsu Cone Winder for the Indian market.

In 1966, he founded Allied Engineering Industries initially to manufacture textile machinery spares. Among the several products from Allied Engineering Industries that have been received successfully by the industry is the Allied Cleaner.

G D Naidu
A G Govindarajulu
K G Balakrishnan
S K Maeilanandhan
Dr N Mahalingam
K Damodaraswami Naidu
Professor A S Gnanasambandan
Abdul Rahman
M S Subbulakshmi
M Balamuralikrishna
A R Rahman
Rukmini Devi Arundale
K Maruthachalam
K Damodaraswami Naidu
K Damodaraswami NaiduFounder of the Sree Annapoorna chain of restaurants, K Damodaraswami Naidu, came from Peedampalli village, in Coimbatore. Forced to discontinue his schooling because of financial pressures, he took up several odd jobs before opening a small canteen in a theatre in 1962. He and his brothers opened their first vegetarian restaurant at R S Puram in 1968.

Since then their chain of restaurants have enjoyed continued success with their centralised kitchen concept and their emphasis on quality in procurement of groceries, preparation and handling of food. The company is also into catering, retailing and manufacturing of masalas, curry powders and pre-cooked items.
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