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Rukmini Devi ArundaleBharatnatyam, before Rukmini Devi Arundale, did not qualify as art. Her life and her work has done more for the revival of Indian artistic and cultural heritage, than that of any other individual.

Born on February 29th, 1904, into an orthodox Brahmin family in South India, Rukmini Devi grew up in an atmosphere of enlightened appreciation of the arts. She was drawn to the Theosophical movement very early.

Along with her husband - Dr George Arundale (British born theosophist and educationist) she founded Kalakshetra in 1936. Set on the sprawling 100-acre campus at Adyar, Chennai, students learn in proximity to nature.

Rukmini Devi ArundaleRukmini Devi's vision has helped make Kalakshetra one of the finest schools of Dance in the country. And through her efforts, the cultural renaissance in India received its most impassioned defence.

By an Act of Parliament in 1993, the Kalakshetra Foundation was acknowledged as an Institution of National importance.

For more information on Rukmini Devi Arundale and Kalakshetra:


Renowned Bharatanatyam, Mohini Attam and Kathakali Dancer, Anita Ratnam is recognised today as one of the country's most gifted art ambassadors.

With a career spanning three decades and over 1000 performances in 15 countries, Anita Ratnam has made significant contributions in other fields as Choreographer, Television Personality, Scholar and Cultural Activist.

Having done her Master's degree in Theatre and Television from the University of New Orleans, she spent ten years as a Television Producer in the United States. Her work there earned her Emmy and Ace award nominations.

She is also the author of Natya Brahman (which many consider a must-read for Dance students) and is editor and publisher of 'Narthaki' - a directory of Indian dance. Narthaki is now online as a website: She is the founder of the Arangham Trust at Chennai, which works towards nurturing of the performing arts. A truly multi-dimensional personality, Anita Ratnam has also made an impressive entry into films (with her role as an antagonist in Rajiv Menon's family drama Kandukondain Kandukondain).

For more on Anita Ratnam and the Arangham Trust:

Dance Personalities
Rukmini Devi Arundale
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