Top Problems You Can Prevent by Using Trenching vs. Blasting to Clear Rock

If you need to have rock cleared out on your property, you might think that you will need to call a rock blasting service to come and help you. Although blasting is still a very common and popular option for clearing rock, however, it definitely isn't your only option. Some professionals prefer to use trenching, which is a different technique that can be used for rock removal. You can actually avoid a few different problems by opting for trenching instead of blasting. Here's a look at a few ways trenching will suit your project better than blasting.

Environmental Problems

You might really need to remove the rock that might be in the way of a building project that you are working on or that might otherwise be a problem. However, you might be concerned about how the environment might be impacted by the rock removal that you need to have done. If you can choose a more environmentally friendly rock removal method, then you can help minimize the impact on the environment while still getting rock out of the way. Since trenching isn't as disruptive to the environment, it might be the best possible choice.

Damage to Nearby Structures

If you are hoping to have rock removed in a big, open area, you might not be overly concerned about anything being damaged during the process. When rock removal has to be done in areas where there are homes, commercial buildings, or other structures nearby, however, you naturally have to think about how those structures might be damaged. Trenching is a good option if you want to help ensure that no damage is done to nearby structures.

Landscaping Issues

Of course, when you are having rock cleared out, you can expect to have to do at least some landscaping once the job is done. However, if possible, you might be hoping to minimize the landscaping work that has to be done. After all, landscaping can be expensive and time-consuming, and it can take a while for grass and plants to grow. You can minimize the damage to the existing landscaping by using trenching instead of blasting to clear rock.

Safety Issues

No matter what method is used for clearing rock, it's important to focus on safety. However, overall, trenching is typically a much safer option than blasting when it comes to clearing rock. Just make sure that you hire a trenching crew that takes safety seriously to help reduce the chances of anything happening.