Log Materials To Keep Your Home Looking Like The Day It Was Built

If you have a log home, you may want it to look like new. Therefore, there is some maintenance that you want to do to the exterior of your home. Some of the maintenance includes sealing holes, replacing chinking, and other routine repairs. The following log materials will help you get this work done to ensure your home lasts for generations:

Log Home Cleaning and Sealant Treatments

The most important care that a log home needs is keeping it clean. Therefore, you want to make sure to do a thorough cleaning of all the exterior of your home annually. Tasks that you need to do during the annual cleaning maintenance of your log home include:

  • Dusting off heavy debris with a broom
  • Covering openings and cracks to keep logs dry
  • Pressure washing the exterior with a wide nozzle spray
  • Sanding down any imperfections on the surface of logs

After you have finished cleaning and inspecting the exterior, the logs should get a fresh coat of sealant. Before sealing the logs, though, you want to continue with the other repairs that the exterior may need.

Chinking and Caulking Maintenance

Chinking is an important component of log homes. These are the materials that are packed between the logs. It helps stop air drafts, as well as keeps pests out of the logs. Therefore, maintenance needs to be done to the chinking when you are doing repairs. Issues with the chinking that you want to look for include:

  • Missing sections of chinking
  • Gaps between logs and chinking
  • Visible pest damage in chinking and logs

In addition to the chinking, you also want to make sure to replace all the caulking. This will ensure that the exterior of your home is well-sealed from moisture, weather, and pests.

Patching Checks That Cause Logs to Rot  

Over time, one of the problems you may have with the logs is checking the cracks that start as the wood dries. These are usually minor issues that can be filled with chinking or a wood filler. Sometimes, the cracks can be large enough to cause problems with rot that needs to be repaired. You may need to remove damaged sections of a log with rot and patch them in with new materials.

The repairs to your log home are an important part of its upkeep. If you need to get the supplies for this maintenance, contact a log home materials supplier for more information.