3 Reasons You Can’t Just “Wing It” When It Comes to Tower Painting

Tower painting is a surprisingly complex job with many nuances. If you own a tower or a structure with a tower on top, you may be surprised to learn that there are many specific guidelines and best practices that apply to its paint. Adhering to these isn't just a matter of avoiding fines, but it's also a critical public safety issue.

Efficiently and cost-effectively painting a tower requires specialized skills and experience, and it's not a process where you can "wing it" and hope for the best. Keep reading to learn three reasons that tower painting is almost certainly a more in-depth job than you might expect.

1. Condition Matters

Is the size the most significant determining factor of cost when painting a tower? You might think so, but your tower's condition can greatly impact the time and effort required for repainting. In some cases, you may find that a poorly maintained tower will cost far more to paint than a well-maintained but taller one.

Like painting any other structure, an effective and durable tower paint job requires adequate surface preparation. Corrosion or other surface issues can result in much higher costs, and it takes a trained eye to spot these problems. Failing to perform the extra steps necessary to prepare the surface can result in a failing paint job.

2. Proper Paints Are Essential

Federal regulations determine specific paint colors for tower painting jobs. Moreover, paints must meet additional requirements for type and durability to ensure your tower remains visible to air traffic. Using the incorrect paint can leave your tower out of compliance, potentially opening you up to severe fines and penalties.

Professionals understand which paints to use, and they know when (and how) to apply a primer for a more consistent and long-lasting coat. Likewise, it's essential to know when to use a primer if you're only painting a small section of your tower rather than the entire thing.

3. Safety Is Critical

Several people die working on towers every year. Climbing a tower for any reason is dangerous, and it takes skilled and trained professionals to perform this work in a way that minimizes risk. Amateur painters expose themselves and those under the tower to extreme danger, so it's critical to always work with a professional company that adheres to proper safety practices and OSHA guidelines.

Maintaining your tower can save you from fines while keeping the space above your structure safe for air traffic. However, tower painting isn't a job to take lightly, and you should always rely on a trusted contractor to handle this work.