Advantages Of Light-Colored Vinyl Siding

These days, vinyl siding comes in hundreds of different colors, from bright yellow to subtle gray. Really, the color you choose is a matter of taste. You may prefer one color while your neighbor prefers something completely different — and that's okay! However, there are some advantages to choosing a light siding color. Here are those advantages.

Light siding is less likely to melt.

It's rare for vinyl siding to melt, but this does happen sometimes — especially in hot climates when heat reflects off your windows or your neighbor's windows. If you live in a hot climate, then choosing light-colored vinyl siding will minimize your risk of having your siding melt. Light colors absorb less heat than darker colors.

Your home will stay cooler.

Since light colors reflect more light and heat, your home should also stay cooler if you choose light-colored siding. Your AC bills may be lower, and you may get fewer hot spots near the walls in your home. Since light-colored siding usually costs the same amount as dark-colored siding, this is a good way to save money on energy without having to spend anything extra at the onset.

You'll create contrast with the roof.

There are light-colored roofing materials out there, but most people do still choose a relatively dark-colored roof, such as a black or brown roof. Choosing a light siding color is a good way to create contrast with the roof. The siding and roof will look like separate elements rather than one monolithic surface. Light-colored vinyl siding also contrasts dark green trees and bushes nicely.

You're less likely to see salt from the road.

If you live in an area with winter snowfall where they salt the roads, light-colored vinyl siding is a great choice. It will show less salt accumulation. Salt looks really obvious on dark vinyl siding, but it will barely be apparent on light vinyl. In fact, after it rains a couple of times in the spring, enough salt should may be washed off so that you no longer see residue on light vinyl siding.

If you love the look of dark vinyl siding, then you can absolutely go with a dark color; there's nothing wrong with that. However, if you're on the fence about a color, going with a light one will come with some advantages including those discussed above. Talk to a local siding contractor to learn more about this topic.