A Few Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy is a resin that sets to a very hard, shiny surface when the proper amount of heat is added to it. This heating is done by adding a hardener to the epoxy that acts as a catalyst to heat up the mixture as it hardens. It is being used more and more for garage floors since there are many benefits to it. Here are just a few reasons to consider having an epoxy floor coating in your garage.


Epoxy is resistant to impacts, staining, chemicals, and abrasions. Basically, you cannot damage epoxy floors. Whether you use your garage to park and work on vehicles or any other projects, you won't have to worry about ruining your flooring. Most other flooring types would need special cleaning or become chipped/cracked if you worked the same way on them.


It is most likely you have a concrete garage floor to start with. As with any concrete structure, it is prone to cracks and damage from weather changes and also from wear and tear or impacts. When you have an epoxy coating over the concrete, you will not have to worry about that as the epoxy provides protection to the concrete. This will extend the life of the concrete foundation for your garage.

Brighter Work Environment

Epoxy is very shiny. It will reflect the lighting you have in the garage to make it brighter. You will be better able to see what you are doing as you complete different projects and will not need to use a flashlight as much to get the job done.


Cleaning epoxy is easy. You can simply sweep it and then use a damp mop to go over it. Since it is not affected by weather or wear and tear, you will not have to worry about applying a new layer unless you want to change the color.

Applying garage floor epoxy is not easy. It must be done quickly to keep it from hardening too soon. It is best to do it in small sections, only mixing enough at one time for the area you will be working on. Of course, it is also possible to hire a team to do the floor. It will be done much faster and you will probably have a better result when professionals do the job. Either way, once the job is done you will be pleased with how much better your garage floor looks.