Land Survey 101: Not Just For Buying Property

You've probably heard about land surveys before, and if you own a home, you've likely commissioned one in the past as part of your home-buying experience. What you may not realize is that land surveys have many purposes beyond just the title search in the home-buying process. Here's a look at a few more times when a land survey could be a beneficial investment.

Planning Major Property Improvement

When you've decided that it's time to put up a fence, install a pool, or dig a well, those are considered major property improvements. Before you do any of these things, you should have a land survey done to assess the property and determine where the new feature should be placed and whether or not you can install it and still meet your local building codes. These are important considerations, especially if you're installing a fence because you need to ensure that the fence stays entirely on your property.

Building Or Destroying A Structure On The Property

If you bought a piece of property that has multiple structures and you're getting ready to destroy some of them so that you can either build new ones or use that land for something else, you'll need to have a land survey done. These surveys are important because the identification of land contours, structures, and boundaries will play a key role in how you complete the construction or demolition.

Subdividing Land

When you own a large plot of land and you want to subdivide it either to sell certain portions or to distribute it amongst your children, it's important to have a land survey done first. The land survey will identify each of those plots clearly, mark the boundary lines for each one, identify any easements that need to be considered, and help you create a subdivision design that will meet everyone's needs.

Assessing Property Zoning

One of the great things about owning your own land is the fact that you have the freedom and flexibility for grand plans in most cases. However, if those plans include running a business from your property, you need to be sure that you live in an area that's commercially zoned. The best way to do this is a thorough land survey. You may find that part of your land is residential, while another area is commercial. The survey will give you clear details so that you can either carry out your plans or pursue rezoning if needed.

These are a few of the most common reasons why you might need a land survey even if you aren't buying a home. Contact a company like PLCS Corporation for more information.